Yukki: SOEs threaten private venture & foreign investor

Foreign enterprises seek logistic fortune in Indonesia
Foreign enterprises seek logistic fortune in Indonesia

Chairman of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ILFA), Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said the monopolistic practices by state owned enterprises make private businesses concerned about unfair competition potentially “lethal” to private enterprise ventures and may also discourage foreign investors to invest in Indonesia.

SEMARANG (infologistic): “The monopoly of SOEs happened for the umpteenth time create unhealthy business climate, threatening the survival of private enterprises, and inequitable. Moreover, cartels and monopolistic practices is not attractive for investors to invest in Indonesia, ” Yukki said in a press release on Thursday.

The Yukki statement regarding to the planned synergy between PT Garuda Indonesia carried along Angkasa Pura II to integrate cargo on five antarala largest airport in Indonesia Jakarta, Surabaya, Medan. Makassar, and Denpasar.

President Director of PT Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk Arif Wibowo said cooperation between Garuda Indonesia and PT Angkasa Pura Cargo Cargo will apply to four airports not only in Soekarno-Hatta.

President Director of PT Angkasa Pura Cargo, Denny Fikri, said that this cooperation could lift up corporate earnings in one year period.

In response, Yukki assess the tendency of monopoly by the two state-owned enterprises. Although he admitted to participate with pride when state-owned companies can grow bigger.

“We frankly took pride when firms grow large SOEs. However, we ask the government to pay attention to the balance and continuation of the business sector owned private parties. Therefore, private companies also have an important role in improving competitiveness, “said Yukki who is also Chairman of AFFA (ASEAN Federation of Forwarders Association).

In addition to potentially “lethal” private sector business, continued Yukki, monopolistic practice also gives an adverse effect on the investment climate and logistics performance in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the Business Competition Supervisory Commission (KPPU), M Syarkawi Rauf said promised to conduct a study related to the synergy between PT Garuda Indonesia and PT Angkasa Pura Cargo legally and impact.

“The Commission will conduct a review of the synergies related to the legal basis and its impact on monopolistic practices,” said Syarkawi.


Monopoly case also helped trigger a reaction Board Chairman of Central Board of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneurs Association (BPP Hipmi), Bahlil Lahadalia.

He requested that the Commission’s role to be strengthened to prevent too great disparity in the business world itself.

Disparities between the micro, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to large enterprises in the country is very wide.

He said SMEs in Indonesia continue to grow even expected to reach 56 million businesses.

Amazingly, SMEs have not experienced a significant increase in terms of assets and business capacity.

While businesses increasingly speed up with conglomeration and experienced spectacular growth in assets.

“This is what makes the disparity in the business world is increasingly wider. There is less healthy in the policies and structure of our industry. Of the tens of millions of small businesses that there are, on average, small businesses may end up later in mid-course. As there is a great power that prevents him rise to the top. It should we fight for equality, “said Bahlil. (ac)

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