Yukki: LPI rose & hard work is waiting

Yukki: LPI rose & hard work is waiting
Yukki: LPI rose & hard work is waiting

The ranking of Indonesia in the Logistic Performance Index (LPI) of 2018 rose significantly to the order of 46 of the world’s 160 countries, compared to two years earlier on 2016 when Indonesia was in position 63.

JAKARTA (infolog): Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarders Association (ILFA) Yukki Nugrahawan said what was achieved was in line with forecasts, especially improvements in infrastructure.

“It is to be grateful, but that does not mean we stop working, even tougher,” he said, Thursday (26/7) as quoted by Gatra.com as saying.

Peringakat Indonesia is improving, but other ASEAN countries also increased. Within the scope of ASEAN Vietnam experienced a two-level increase from the 5th rank rose to 3 and Indonesia from the 4th rank dropped to 5.

“As the country’s largest population we can take a bigger role.Well if we see the cost of our logistics is a mere arrival to attract investment in. Therefore need to keep working hard and evaluate.What to evaluate and which have not been implemented In addition continue to complete the infrastructure work also now it’s already the digital age, “said Yukki.

According to him, one of the homework to be completed is a system with an umbrella of Indonesia Single Window. One stop data delivery system, logistics and trade documents and trade information safely and reliably.

In addition, the improvement of quality of human resources that have national and global standard quality.

“Also regulation of legal base and law enforcement as well as the application of laws and regulations related to logistics and synchronization of logistics regulations between ministries or institutions and between central and local government,” he added.

Based on the ranking of LPI, Singapore (ranked 7th world) to be the best in ASEAN. Following Thailand (32), Vietnam (39), Malaysia (41), Indonesia (46), Philippines (60), Brunei (80) Laos (82), Cambodia (98) and Myanmar 137. (ac)

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