Yukki: cargo trains still more expensive than trucking

Yukki: cargo trains still more expesive than trucking
Yukki: cargo trains still more expesive than trucking

ILFA assess the utilization of transportation modes using cargo trains are still less supportive for their poor infrastructure resulting costs that tend to be more expensive than trucking.

JAKARTA (infolog): Chairman of the Logistics Association and Forwarders Indonesia (ILFA), Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi admitted that the passenger train was good. But for the luggage cart is still far and wide things to repair.

Therefore, in the near future it is still unreliable.

“Not to mention the cost side, trains are far above trucking,” he told Bisnis.com, Monday (15/1/2018) as quoted as saying.

However, ALFI strongly encourages and supports the government’s efforts to provide alternative alternatives to both land, sea and air transport.

With these modes of choice, Hanafi believes it will make it easier for business actors to choose alternatives as they need to consider more efficient and effective.

“So it’s not just a train that we push. The facilities still need to be improved because it is still focused on passengers, especially this for the train,” he said.

The government is currently trying to attract entrepreneurs to shift their goods from trucks to cars. (ac)


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