Yukki: BLC in eastern Indonesia helps foster economic growth

Yukki: BLC in eastern Indonesia helps foster economic growth
Yukki: BLC in eastern Indonesia helps foster economic growth

The Indonesian Forwarding and Logistics Association (ALFI) hopes that the Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) in eastern Indonesia will continue to be opened following the opening of 16 ports in KTI by SOE Minister Rini Soemarno on Friday (08/24/2018).

JAKARTA (infolog): ALFI DPP Chairperson Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said that the existence of PLB in KTI was considered very important to ignite new trade centers.

This also becomes a homework that must be considered so that PLB in KTI can encourage new trade in addition to creating sea connectivity and economic growth in the region.

“Another great work is how we create a bonded logistics center in eastern Indonesia to create new trade centers,” Yukki said on Sunday (08/26/2018) quoted by Bisnis.com as saying.

The 16 projects that have been formalized are National Strategic Projects (PSN) built by Pelindo IV (Persero), this will encourage development in the Eastern region that is still lagging behind.

The 16 ports consist of five ports in Papua, five ports on Sulawesi Island, four ports on Kalimantan Island and two ports in the Ambon and Ternate regions.

Five ports in Papua are Jayapura Port, Biak Port, Sorong Port and Manokwari Port.

Then five ports on Sulawesi Island are Kendari Port, Bitung Port, Makassar Port, Pare-Pare Port and Gorontalo Port.

Meanwhile, two ports in Maluku and Ternate are Ambon Port and Ternate Port and four ports on Kalimantan Island are Balikapapan Port, Tarakan Port, Nunukan Port and Sangatta Port.

According to Yukki, in addition to building infrastructure as a support for activities, a digitalisation system is needed in all ports.

“ALFI’s DPP also continues to encourage ports in Indonesia to digitize given that physical development alone is not enough,” he said.

Yukki hopes that in the future infrastructure development can encourage economic growth in the eastern region so that it can be even higher with high and efficient and effective servant standards.

“And making Makassar as a hub for export purposes for the eastern region. Although in the future Bitung also has the potential as a hub,” he said. (ac)

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