Union strike at JICT won’t effect terminal operation

Yukki okays with toll rate as congestion charge applied
Yukki okays with toll rate as congestion charge applied

Workers union strike scheduled for early August this year at Jakarta International Container Terminal (JICT), Tanjung Priok Jakarta is predictably not effecting the terminal operation but merely promoting bad image for foreign investment in logistics sector.

JAKARTA (infologistic): Chairman of the national Indonesia Logistics and Forwarders Association or ILFA, Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi asserts that such a strike would only jeopardize conducive investment climate which is getting better today.

”Yes, workers have all rights to excercise their strike, but it is a lot wiser if that plan not to disturb terminal services” said Yukki here on Wednesday, 26/7 after the 28th anniversary of ILFA at Hotel Borobudur, Jakarta.

At the end of the day, he continued, workers will suffer more loss if shippinglines move their loading and unloading activities to any other secure terminal.

”Which in turn will effect either exporters and importers and put Indonesian economy in danger,” he added.

Workers of JICT are reported discontent with bonuses they received last year lower almost 43% following its audited profit before tax dropped from USD 66,3 million in 2015 to 44,19 million in 2016.

Similar tone is expressed by chairman of Indonesia National Shipping Association (INSA) Carmelita Hartoto who thinks Indonesian maritime world may experience a set-back.


She instead suggests that workers and management of JICT able to sit together on a round table coming up with fruitful win-win solution.

”We expect the strike to be cancelled since the port is such a vital national object which gears up economic tyres,” she continued.

Director of Commercial and Business Development of Indonesian Port Company (IPC) or Pelindo II, Saptono R. Irianto on the other hand is confident that the planned union strike shall not harm its terminals operation.

”You name it whatever you want, that we have some spare terminals ready for operation. They are available anytime needed,” said Saptono quoted by Alfijakarta.com as saying.

Inside the area JICT provides 19 units of tubber cranes and 74 units of gantry cranes supported by 142 prime movers and trailers along with 25 other towing equipments.

Impor merosot karena daya beli domestik rendah?

While outside of JICT area, IPC also operates Koja Container Terminal equipped with seven container cranes, 48 60-chassis trucks, 25 RTGs and three reachstackers.

The last but not the least IPC just newly operates Kalibaru Container Terminal since launched by September last year. (ac)

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