UD Trucks relied on 4 mainstay products

UD Trucks relied on 4 mainstay products
UD Trucks relied on 4 mainstay products

One of the global truck manufacturers, UD Trucks is back at 2018 Gaikindo Indonesia International Auto Show (GIIAS) by showing a stronger commitment to supporting customers throughout Indonesia, especially commercial vehicles.

JAKARTA (infolog0; UD Trucks’ participation in GIIAS was followed by a series of other events such as the annual driver competition “Extra Mile Challenge 2018” and also the handover celebration to UD Trucks loyal customers.

In this year’s GIIAS UD Trucks showcased 4 mainstay products, Quester with the CKE250 WB6000 and CQE280 WB5800 variants, and from the Kuzer there were Kuzer RKE150 WB3850 and WB3350 variants.

“The presence of UD Trucks in the Indonesian market has always been a guide for drivers on the highway, since the trade name Nissan Diesel was transformed into UD Trucks, we feel more confident and proud that UD Trucks is present in Indonesia better than all the features and technology offered, “said Valery Muyard, President Director of UD Trucks Indonesia as quoted by Autonesian.com as saying.

And the four units of this flagship product are believed to have high cruising with minimum fuel usage and are equipped with a telematic system. In units displayed in the exhibition area, each unit is set to show its superiority.

The Quester CKE250 WB6000 is equipped with a cooling box, while the Quester CQE280 WB5800 features a bogie lift and a flexible chassis that makes the vehicle more sturdy. The Kuzer RKE150 WB3850 and WB3350 are lightweight segment trucks with 150 hp and the largest torque of 490 Nm in its class.

The Kuzer unit is also equipped with a commonrail system that makes Kuzer the only Japanese truck equipped with the system and advanced cruise control features that help the driver maintain the speed of the vehicle without having to step on the gas pedal while driving long distances.

The improvement of the infrastructure sector, especially road infrastructure will be followed by the prospects of the distribution and logistics industry which will increase. And this Japanese manufacturer through the products of Quester and Kuzer offers solutions that are very appropriate for logistics consumers in Indonesia.

And Quester himself has an extraordinary ability, especially for companies in the distribution business that require heavy-class truck transportation with a combination of first-class fuel efficiency and proven durability.

“Besides focusing on Quester and Kuzer products, at the same time we are also focused on continuing to provide the best service to our loyal customers. We provide good service quality through our trusted partners, Astra International UD Trucks and also United Tractors who have branches in various regions, “Valery concluded. (ac)

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