Tiki JNE embraced Qourier to expand e-commerce

Tiki JNE embraced Qourier to expand e-commerce
Tiki JNE embraced Qourier to expand e-commerce

PT Tiki Line Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) is partnering with PT Qourier Indonesia Kartika in order to expand the market share of freight for the business of buying and selling online (e-commerce).

JAKARTA (infolog): President Director of JNE Mohammad Feriadi said that the potential of expedition services in e-commerce business is very big. This is in line with the development of buying and selling business online in Indonesia.

“The potential of e-commerce business is still very large, we know that e-commerce builds pillars such as payment and courier.We cooperate with Qourier, because Qourier provides solutions that JNE does not have, especially in terms of technology,” he said in Jakarta , Tuesday (07/10/2010) as quoted by Tribunnews.com as saying.

According to him, current technological developments have brought changes to various sectors, including also in the trade sector. Therefore, JNE wants to exploit this potential to strengthen its domestic business.

“Now how can we improve the technology, the cooperation with Qourier, in addition to strengthening our position also in order to obtain greater potential in the future.It does not feel enough with the couriers that exist to handle the marketplace,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Director of PT Qourier Indonesia Kartika, Putri Kadarmanto revealed, the existence of logistics service companies to support the development of e-commerce business.

“We are working together to enter the e-commerce market and to do the last mile delivery, we become the product of JNE with the name of Qourier power by JNE.There will be products, that is same day delivery and instant delivery.It is expected that we can enliven the e-commerce market Because the role of logistics is here to support the rapid development of e-commerce, “she explained.

In addition, she continued, so far it has cooperated with a German logistics company, DB Schanker which is a partner of a number of technology companies and e-commerce world such as Apple and Lazada. Thus, the freight service of these companies can also be served by JNE.

“We are working with DB Schenker who currently has large clients, such as Apple, Lazada, some big e-commerce, which goes through DB Schenker.For future they do not use warehouse but directly sold through last mile delivery,” said she. (ac)

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