Sukabumi Airport expected to complete by 2020

Sukabumi Airport expected to complete by 2020
Sukabumi Airport expected to complete by 2020

As Indonesia’s most populous province, that is, with 48 million people, the development of transportation infrastructure in West Java is continuously accelerated by the government. One of them is by accelerating the development of Kertajati Airport, Patimban Port, and the planned airport in Sukabumi.

BANDUNGĀ  (infolog): Minister of Transportation Budi Karya Sumadi explained Sukabumi airport needs to be built in order to support government efforts to make it as a tourism center in West Java. Long travel time also becomes a constraint in promoting economic and tourism development in Sukabumi.

“The government will build an airport in Sukabumi which God willing is to be completed by 2020. So Jakarta to Sukabumi only takes 30 minutes,” said Budi Karya in Bandung on Wednesday as quoted by as saying.

In addition to the airport, transportation infrastructure in Sukabumi will also be equipped with the construction of Bogor-Sukabumi double track railway. According to Budi Karya, currently, travel time from Jakarta to Sukabumi can reach six hours.

“We are building two-track railway. When completed, if now travel time from Bogor to Sukabumi takes about 3-4 hours, it will be approximately 45 minutes,” he said as quoted from the official website of the Cabinet Secretariat on Thursday (7/19/2018).

According to him, there are currently two new growth centers in West Java which are being pushed by the government, namely Kertajati Airport and Patimban Port. Kertajati Airport as an International Airport was inaugurated in May.

“So if planning to go hajj pilgrimage, umrah or tour it can be from Kertajati Airport. This is indeed a desire from the Government to provide transportation facilities for the community,” he said.

Meanwhile, the construction of Patimban Port which is targeted to be completed by 2020 is believed to be able to smooth the flow of goods and logistics for industries in West Java and provide prosperity for the people of West Java.

“We are building a port much bigger than Tanjung Priok Port in Jakarta. All the big ships from America, Europe are coming there. Goods from all over Indonesia are shipped from Port of Patimban to Overseas. This is an international hub port,” he explained.

He added for the city of Bandung the government will build an Light Rail Transit (LRT). This transportation facility will provide convenience for the community and reduce traffic density in Bandung. To that end, he hopes the people of West Java support the government’s infrastructure development plan.

“We expect the people of West Java to actively support the development by the government, and participate to jointly develop or use it,” he concluded. (ac)

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