Semen Indonesia launched online sales with Silog

Semen Indonesia launched online sales with Silog
Semen Indonesia launched online sales with Silog

PT Semen Indonesia plans to penetrate the market in the network (online) or online. Cement sales online will be done by opening a dedicated sales page to serve buyers from different regions.

SURABAYA (infolog): “In the early stages, online sales are still serving the areas of Jakarta, Bogor, Depok, Tangerang and Bekasi (Jabodetabek),” said Head of Corporate Communications Bureau PT Semen Indonesia, Sigit Wahono in Surabaya, Sunday (3/6) quoted by as saying.

Later, he said, online sales in addition to serving the Greater Jakarta area, also comprehensive to various parts of Indonesia. He hoped that when the sales page was inaugurated, the distribution pattern would be using Semen Indonesia Logistik (Silog) which is a subsidiary of PT Semen Indonesia Tbk in logistics network.

“We are still reviewing the budget, but we are trying to realize this year,” he said.

He said the creation of an online sales page of Cement Indonesia is part of a strategy to cement industry competition. “The cement market competition is quite tight, and in East Java there are two new cement factories, and in Kalimantan there are also cement producers from China,” he said.

To seize the market, cement producers from the Bamboo Curtain country sell their products much cheaper than Indonesian Cement products. “Thus, Cement Indonesia was forced to lower the selling price of the product,” said Sigit.

He said Indonesia’s cement sales, especially in East Java, amounted to 2,274,802 tons, down 4.5 percent over the same period last year of 2,380,403 tons, but still controlled by market share of 66.2 percent. (ac)

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