Selayar & Pelindo IV signed MOU to develop a logistics center

Selayar & Pelindo IV signed MOU to develop a logistics center
Selayar & Pelindo IV signed MOU to develop a logistics center

Selayar Islands District Government continues to work to maximize its natural potential. A number of giant project collaborations have been signed. Soon the island area will become one of the largest infrastructure centers in Indonesia.

MAKASSAR (infolog): Latest, Selayar Islands Regency signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with PT Pelabuhan Indonesia (Pelindo) IV Persero in Makassar, Thursday, February 15th.

The signing of MoU by Regent of Basli Ali and Director of Pelindo IV, Doso Agung related to the development plan of Logistics Services Special Area in Selayar.

Arranging Doso, Selayar Islands chosen because of the geographical position is very profitable. This area was once a center of trade through which Portuguese ships had passed in the past. That is, it is very appropriate if logistics and energy centers are re-enacted in the area.

“Selayar is right in the middle of Indonesia. For energy centers can accommodate the oil and gas from Masela Block and Sulbar Block. Warehousing services can also be developed, “explained Doso quoted by as saying.

Doso admitted his side also interested in the seriousness of Pemkab Islands Selayar to develop the potential of the region. This is in line with the government’s program to build synergy between BUMN, BUMD, investors, and local government.

“After this MoU we will immediately conduct a survey and look for suitable areas to build logistics centers and other supporters,” explained Doso.

According to Basli, it sdh prepare enough land to build various supporting facilities. If the logistics center will be realized, the more complete the facilities owned by this area.

“The process of developing a special area of ​​tourism is already under way. So it will complement each other and make investors more comfortable to invest in Selayar, “said Basli. (ac)

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