Ralali & RPX held digital logistics education

Ralali & RPX held digital logistics education
Ralali & RPX held digital logistics education

Over the past three years, the Indonesian economy has its own trend and is predicted to continue to grow. By 2020, its growth predicted IMF and BI will reach 6.8% with Gross Domestic Product (GDP) worth US $ 1.188 trillion.

JAKARTA (infolog); Faced with this, the business actor must be open to all opportunities in business development efforts. The digital era gives businesses the opportunity to shift from conventional business models to online to reach a wider market.

To that end, Ralali.com took RPX Group to provide answers on the strategy of delivery of goods in the era of online business through workshops.

The event featured speakers Alexander Lukman (COO Ralali.com), Albert Palit (GM of E-Commerce RPX Group), and moderated by Head of Community Development Ralali.com, Zebedee Rizal in Jakarta (13/3/2018).

Through this workshop, business people have the opportunity to do business online to develop their business.

“The purpose of holding a workshop so that entrepreneurs can better understand the world of e-commerce, understand the delivery of goods in the online business, and develop the business well,” said COO Ralali.com, Alexander Lukman as quoted by Swa.co.id as saying.

Ralali serves the needs of MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Operation) products, HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant & Café), and makes it easy for new businesses to start and grow their business.

While the GM of E-Commerce RPX Group, Albert Palit, share tips and tricks to send goods to balance the habits of people in shopping online.

“Currently looking for everything in digital has become a habit and lifestyle of its own. Therefore, as a businessman we must also understand how to make delivery of goods by utilizing technology, “he said. (ac)

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