Posindo to deliver where Lion Parcel service void

Posindo is to deliver to where Lion Parcel service is void
Posindo is to deliver to where Lion Parcel service is void

Lion Parcel cooperates with Pos Indonesia for business collaboration and sharing economy with the concept of resource sharing (shared resources). Such the partnership is also to provide easy access to today’s growing e-commerce (e-commerce).

JAKARTA (infolog); Farian Kirana, President Director of Lion Parcel, said the partnership gives positive image to market where courier and delivery service is concerned.

“That way, give a positive impact that customers are increasingly facilitated in the delivery of packages or documents. In addition, making the service delivery business growing rapidly in the country, “he said in an official statement received on Thursday (22/2/2018) as quoted by Bisnis.com as saying.

According to him, through this partnership, Pos Indonesia and Lion Parcel together with Lion Group are able to provide innovative solutions to facilitate the distribution of goods from or to all parts of Indonesia to penetrate the region.

It is expected to be able to mobilize national economics especially small and medium enterprises (SME), creative industries, and individuals who need effective, fast and accurate delivery service.

“By utilizing the concept of sharing these resources and capabilities, combined with the improvement of digital technology in the postal, express and logistic sectors, great expectations are able to easily and inexpensively reach out to wider market potential and bring closer to Indonesian customers,” he added.

Agus F. Handoyo, Director of Courier Service of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) said Lion Group has the ability to fly to remote areas and the Post reaching up to the village level.

The sharing economy, he explained, could provide customers in more economical package shipments and reach them all.

“We are very pleased and grateful to realize the synergy with one private company like Lion Group, to exploit the potential of each company. Pos Indonesia will still provide better quantity and quality, with Lion Group network spread across Indonesia “he explained.

Meanwhile, through this partnership Lion Parcel will get a delivery network Pos Indonesia, where Lion Parcel outlet does not exist.

This early stage, Lion Parcel utilizes more than 118 areas that have not been served at this time.

Lion Parcel may make a forwarded delivery (Forwarding Submission) by Pos Indonesia from its original destination office to the mail forwarding office. Services used for delivery using the Express Express service.

Pos Indonesia experienced 272 years with service coverage up to the village level will be allocated cargo space and air freight tariff by using Lion Air Group’s scheduled commercial air service from Sabang to Merauke, from Talaud to Rote Island.

For international routes, strengthened by Malindo Air based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and Thai Lion Air in Bangkok, Thailand. From the synergies that are interwoven, it provides a service that allows customers to gain easier access to packet / document delivery transactions. (ac)

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