Posindo eyeing garment & fashion wholesale merchants

Pos Logistik to set up logistic centers for SME
Pos Logistik to set up logistic centers for SME

PT Pos Indonesia (Persero) Regional 4 Jakarta opened the Post Service Center counter in Tanah Abang market, Central Jakarta. The opening of the service is part of the company’s move to get closer to online merchants at Southeast Asia’s largest garment and fashion wholesale center.

JAKARTA (infolog): “In Tanah Abang, we open a service in Block B to get closer to the traders and also accelerate the delivery of logistics to all over Indonesia,” said Head of Jakarta 4 Jakarta Post PT Pos Indonesia Pupung Purnama after soft opening ceremony Creative Kiosk Tanah Abang Jakarta, Monday (2/4) as quoted by Jawapos.com as saying.

Located on the 8th floor of Tanah Abang Blok B Market, this counter serves not only as a gathering point for packers and freight logistics, but also serves as an information center for other Postal services.

According Pupung, as one of the SOEs, Post continues to do the transformation to keep up with the times in the era of e-commerce or online commerce.

Although all online but for the physical transfer of goods, until now there is no single technology that can move goods without using cargo and logistics services.

“Any sophisticated technology until now everything is still manual and using conventional ways, that is the background we entered into Tanah Abang,” said Pupung.

Since its opening in February and to March, the red plate company has served as many as 3 thousand transactions from 700 stores that have used e-commerce.

“The market is still very open, the number of online merchants continues to grow, we all target kiosks using postal services, but the most important is the continuity and volume of traders,” he said.

With a network of offices spread across the archipelago, with the support of networking points of more than 4,000 post offices and 28,000 Postal Agencies spread across Indonesia, it believes that online merchants in Tanah Abang market will use the services and postal services in sending packages and cargo to the corners of the country to foreign countries. (ac)

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