Pos Logistik to set up logistic centers for SME

Pos Logistik to set up logistic centers for SME
Pos Logistik to set up logistic centers for SME
PT Pos Logistik Indonesia, a subsidiary of PT Pos Indonesia (Persero), plans to build a Bonded Logistics Center (BLC) specifically for small and medium enterprises (SME) products.

JAKARTA (infolog): Despite the progress of development in the phase of permit completion, it is expected that this development will be realized in order to boost the export sector. Initially, construction will begin last June.

“This is in accordance with the mission of Pos Indonesia group to get closer logistics solution for SME players,” said Director of Logistic Post of Indonesia Zaroni Samadi when contacted on Monday (9/7/2018) as quoted by Bisnis.com as saying.

Indonesia’s export value in 2017 reached US $ 145 billion, or lost competitiveness with neighboring countries such as Malaysia which recorded US $ 184 billion, Vietnam reached US $ 160 billion and Thailand amounted to US $ 231 billion.

Zaroni also said there is really no difference between BLC of SME and BLC of e-commerce, which distinguish only the products stored in the PLB.

“The emphasis is on the type of goods being managed and the targeted segment SMEs’ goods are specialized in creative goods, while the other one is manufacturing goods, big companies, so this segment for the sector SMEs, “he said.

So far, there are still obstacles in the handling of permits considering the BLC of SME judged to be new in Indonesia.

“Because this is the first time in Indonesia, so the regulation has not been prepared many things by the government.When we take care of the permit there are some things that must be confirmed,” he explained.

Nevertheless, he hopes that with the special BLC of SME can boost national export products so that it can improve competitiveness.

“But the spirit is good for growing SMEs especially encouraging exports,” he said.

The Association of Express Delivery Service, Post and Logistics Indonesia (Asperindo) assesses the existence of BLC of SMEs is expected to encourage populist economy to continue to grow and develop so as to make the national economy better.

“For Asperindo this is very good and hope the same thing can be followed by other members,” said Chairman of Asperindo Mohamad Feriadi.

In addition, it is certainly expected to encourage national exports for both domestic and international. “The hope is not only for the domestic market, but also international cross border alias,” he said. (ac)

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