PMS obtained 7 tugboats with IBS new tech

PMS obtained 7 tugboats with IBS new tech
PMS obtained 7 tugboats with IBS new tech

Pelindo III’s subsidiary, PT Pelindo Marine Service (PMS) which runs ship guidance service obtained 7 new tugboats equipped with Integrated Bridge System (IBS) new technology .

JAKARTA (infolog): President Director of Pelindo Marine Service Putut Sri Muljanto said the new tugboats have been using the new technology called Integrated Bridge System (IBS) by which the shipmaster can monitor and control the equipment in a single integrated console within range of the hand.

“The movement of the ship to be better so that the vessel tug service users become more secure and comfortable,” said Putut Sri Muljanto, Tuesday (13/2/2018) as quoted as saying by

With the presence of 7 units of new vessels with engine power of 1,500 HP, 1,800 HP and 2,400 HP, PT PMS already has 21 units of tugs.

He hopes that in the future it will be able to improve service to user and make logistic operation in terminal at port managed by Pelindo III more efficient.

In addition to IBS, the vessel also has the advantage of using Alarm Monitoring System (AMS) technology that can monitor ship conditions thoroughly, from main and support engines, propulsion systems, and can monitor fuel usage accurately and in real time ).

“The feature is very helpful for the maintenance of the vessel, and with everything monitored, the operational costs become more efficient, Pelindo Marine Service is claimed to be the first harbor tug in the Indonesian port that applies the latest technology,” Putut said.

On a separate occasion, Pelindo III CEO Ari Askhara added that the implementation of the AMS feature not only makes the operation more cost-effective in terms of cost.

However, AMS is also a requirement for tugs to get UMS ship notation (unattended machinery space). With UMS notation the vessel can be manned with fewer crew numbers, the more efficient it is.

“This is in line with Pelindo III’s step to transform management by focusing on three things, people, process, and technology.As with the new tugboat PT PMS Jayanegara series, the technology is implemented to improve labor efficiency, operational costs, and quality of business processes in the form of services to service users getting more excellent, “Ari Askhara concluded.

In addition, he also added that the various advantages of these features, Jayanegara tugboat owned by Pelindo III not only can be used for the aid of guidance services and ship delays.

However, it can be assigned to other ship services, as in the oil and gas sector. (ac)

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