Pelni Logistics to employ 26 vessels serving 96 port cities this year

Pelni seeks profit Rp49 billion this year as Sea Toll succeeds
Pelni seeks profit Rp49 billion this year as Sea Toll succeeds

PT Pelayaran Nasional Indonesia (persero) (Pelni) strengthens logistics business with its subsidiary PT Sarana Bandar Nasional (SBN) as part of its mission to strengthen its infrastructure.

JAKARTA (infolog): Harry Boediarto Soemarto, President Director of Pelni, for the early stages of serving the Pelni Logistics application, Pelni had just set up three boats namely Dobonsoloi, Ciremai and Gn. Dempo operates at 12 ports.

However, in April 2018 it is targeted to have as many as 26 vessels operating in 96 port cities. Therefore, the company is preparing the infrastructure to support it.

“In April 2018 almost everything (serving applications). Containers have been installed all barcodes,” he said in Jakarta, Thursday (4/1) as quoted by as saying.

As Pelni’s launched the apps, customers will be easier to make cargo reservations without having to come straight. In addition, with this application the payment will be easier because it uses the payment gateway.

In addition, Pelni will also add 1,200 new containers.

Just to know, SBN has a business line of loading and unloading, forwarding, distribution, and retail.

Suharyanto, SBN’s President Director said the support of 1,200 containers will strengthen its logistics business.

Currently, the new SBN has 980 containers, because of the 26 new full container vessels of only seven vessels.

Especially in the logistics sector, Pelni holds several state-owned enterprises (BUMN) such as Garuda Cargo, Pos Indonesia and others. Harry said this integration needed to improve service.

For passenger transport, Pelni was already synergistic. For example in Jakarta, it is integrated with Transjakarta bus. As for some other areas, the company will also explore an integrated scheme with Damri.

Suharyanto, said that currently 10% of logistics is government assignment, in addition to business to business (B to B) schemes.

The synergy clearly, he added, may  result in lowering price disparities in the eastern region. (ac)

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