Pelindo III launched Home Terminal apps

Pelindo III launched Home Terminal apps
Pelindo III launched Home Terminal apps

In order to introduce the latest innovation of Home Terminal application, Pelindo III participates in an international event, TOC Asia together with Singapore Maritime Week held at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore for two days (24-25 / 4).

Commercial & Operational Director of Pelindo III, Mohammad Iqbal who became one of the speakers at TOC Asia gave exposure related to the condition of several ports that still many problems ranging from traffic congestion, queue at the service center until the cost is not transparent.

To solve the problem, Pelindo III innovates to create Home Terminal Application: Port Solution in 1 Touch which was officially launched in early February in Jakarta.

“HomeTerminal is an application that is created to accelerate and simplify the process of ordering port service. Port services in the current era should be easy, fast and transparent as we apply in the application.

There are four service features integrated with terminal operating system (TOS) Including service vessels, port activities, logistics, and container management, allowing users to monitor the movement of ships and their goods in real-time online through smartphones, ” he said in a written statement received by on Wednesday / 4) as quoted as saying.

Furthermore, he explained that the first application in Indonesia provides convenience for port service users in terms of operations, delivery and logistics. In addition, service users also benefit from efficiency due to reduced operational costs.

HomeTerminal is also a market place because it is a marketing medium and information to customers and markets, where service users can choose port services from existing service providers in the port with a price that has been established transparently.

The initial stages of the HomeTerminal application are implemented for vessel service and extended to terminal services or port activities across all terminals at Peruvian Peninsula Ports.

Furthermore, in April its application increased until the logistics service to continue to container management.

“We believe that when HomeTerminal is fully operational in handling all services, port activities are highly efficient because the bureaucracy becomes shorter,” he said.

For information, TOC Asia is a prestigious event that runs since 1995 related to the world of shipping, ports and terminals. The event brings together Shippers, Logistics Providers, Shipping Lines, 3PLs, Port Authorities, Terminal Operators and presents the latest technological developments.

In the TOC Asia, Pelindo III also opened a booth to market strategic projects owned to Stakeholders in the world, as well as introducing Green Port Automation at Lamong Bay Terminal, Tourism Port Development at Benoa Harbor and Lombim Gilimas Port, installing model / Container Mover (ICM) as well as installing dummy / mock up HomeTerminal on Smartphone.

The current TOC has evolved into a complete container supply chain container or so-called Container Supply Chain, providing technical content and also offering platforms to stakeholders.

Visitors can find important products, ideas, services and technologies for their business operations, networks with key players in the shipping industry, ports and terminals and stay up-to-date with the latest technology, innovation and industry development. TOC Asia combines international technical conferences to discuss key industry issues. (ac)

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