Pelindo II to launch VPC business unit

Pelindo II to launch VPC business unit
Pelindo II to launch VPC business unit

PT Indonesia Kendaraan Terminal (IKT), a subsidiary of PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Persero) is now expanding the business of providing additional services such as Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) including services of painting, washing and installation of car accessories.

JAKARTA (alfijak): The presence of this service aims to ease the cost of customer logistics and to maintain the performance of these vehicles before the market.

Indra Hidayat Sani, Director of Operations of IKT exemplifies, imported cars from the Thailand factory when arriving at IKT port need to be cleaned and modified first. After that, can be directly sent to various destinations in Indonesia.

In the meantime, if the car washes outside the area of ​​IKT operation, it will incur higher additional costs.

The owner of the car license will be burdened with laundering costs, as well as the cost of getting out and entering the vehicle to the port.

“If there is no VPC service, the car arriving from Thailand is then washed outside our port, then the customer will be charged an additional cost twice that of IKT service,” Indra told, Wednesday (21/3) .

With VPC service, customers do not have to bother removing and entering vehicles outside the IKT area. They just sit quietly because the IKT team is ready to polish the vehicle into a clean and smart.

“Washing and painting are available in our ports, and are charged cheaper because according to the government’s policy,” said Indra.

From this additional service business, IKT does not expect to make big profits because it only contributes about 1% of the total revenue of the company.

Another reason, this car wash business is not the main business of IKT and its function is only providing added value for customers’ need. (ac)

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