Nationalization opportunity & anatomy of divestment upon Freeport

Nationalization opportunity & anatomy of divestment toward Freeport
Nationalization opportunity & anatomy of divestment upon Freeport

President Jokowi and his 13th vice presidential candidate will face the geo-political and geo-economic transformation of the post-WTO multilateral era into multiple bilateral “trade wars” with weapons of tariff protection as well as non-tariff barriers such as GSP facilities.

JAKARTA (infolog): Indonesia can not escape from global turbulence and foreign policy of which RI must also observe the US political acrobatics in interacting with China, Russia and colleagues and allies such as the European Union, Japan, Korea, India and or ASEAN where Indonesia becomes anchor .

In this regard Freeport’s negotiation is one of the crucial milestones of the existence and the measure of Indonesia’s performance success in the face of competition and / or trade wars in an intelligent and sophisticated manner.

The opposition beats the drums of the “xenophobic warfare” which is responded by a wave of “natural resource over nationalism” but ultimately there must be a win win solution in order not to repeat the process of disputes to a confrontational international arbitration and potentially RI punished for breach of contract but also for RI not to get caught buying at “expensive” prices because we do not have the sophistication of “corporate raiders” like Freeport Carl Icahn’s controlling shareholder.

All that has been discussed on January 26, 2016 by PDBI over the rowdy “papa ask for shares” Freeport. Due to Freeport’s current Freeport divestment, PDBI will present the Freeport Divestment Anatomy Seminar showcasing the speakers

1. CEO Inalum DR Budi Gunadi Sadikin
2. CEO of PT Freeport Indonesia Mr. Tony Wenas
3. Chairman of GDPI Founder Christianto Wibisono
Keynote speech by Minister of ESDM (or representative)

1. Indonesia once had to inherit Dutch Indies debt of US $ 1.1 billion at KMB 1949
2. RI nationalized via purchase of Javasche Bank shares to Bank Indonesia 1953
3. RI nationalized the Dutch company 1957 and transferred tobacco auctions from Rotterdam to Bremen approved by the Hamburg Court (Dr. Sudargo Gautama as lawyer representing RI in the international civil dispute

4. Initial New Order 1967 RI must return the Dutch company seized in 1957
5. Pertamina purchased Shell through negotiations with gradual installments in 1970
6. Malaysia buys Guthrie directly from the London stock exchange PM Thatcher feels misdirected
7. Indonesia loses and fined arbitration in case of contract cancellation of Karaha Bodas
8. RI should be equivalent to corporate raider Carl Icahn in the acquisition of Freeport’s parent stock

* Christianto Wibisono
the Founding Chairman of PDBI

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