MoT offers incentives for railway freight users

Kalog Express opens inter-island route to Bali
Kalog Express opens inter-island route to Bali

Reducing the overload of freight as a source of congestion in the toll road, the Ministry of Transportation (MoT) or Kemenhub will provide incentives for employers who use rail mode in transporting their logistics or goods.

JAKARTA (infolog); The proposal itself appears, as the government is currently studying several options to break down Jakarta-Cikampek Toll Road congestion which is often caused by freight transport.

“Initially overloading issues, we are thinking of how to move freight from road to other modes so there is an idea that there will be subsidies for freight transport in the train to be more effective or train than that it is prepared incentives,” said Head of Transport Management Agency Jabodetabek (BPTJ) Bambang Prihartono after meeting at the Ministry of Coordinating Ministry on Tuesday (30/1) as quoted by

Contacted separately the Director General of Railways Zulkifri confirmed this.

He said his department is currently studying some of the incentive options available. However he did not want to mention any proposals that had come up.

“We are studying the forms of incentives that can be given in accordance with the existing regulations and will be notified after the team has completed formulating it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Gemilang Tarigan Chairman of the Indonesian Truck Entrepreneur Association (Aptrindo) said that such incentives would not disturb the business of transporting goods through trucks.

Because he said, besides the work capacity to of  train is not too big, trucks are still needed to transport the goods from and to the station.

“The train capacity is at least 5% of all logistics transports, so there’s no need to worry about it. Most of the cars are just 60 trucks,” he said. (ac)

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