MoT auctions 8 Sea Toll routes early February 2018

MoT auctions 8 Sea Toll routes early February 2018
MoT auctions 8 Sea Toll routes early February 2018

The Ministry of Transport (MoT) or Kemenhub through the Directorate General of Sea Transportation has set up 15 routes of maritime highway of Sea Toll in 2018.

JAKARTA (alfijak): The appointment of the operator of the sea toll program is done through the assignment and auction to be carried out by the end of January 2018 or later in early February 2018.

It was revealed by the Director of Traffic and Sea Transportation Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Dwi Budi Sutrisno.

“In 2018 there are 15 routes for the toll of the sea where the 7 routes through the assignment mechanism and 8 routes through the general auction at the end of this month or at the beginning of February 2018,” he said in a written statement in Jakarta on Sunday (28/1/2018) .

According to him, the effectiveness of the toll road management for the route in 2017 has shown good results and is in line with the government’s expectations. “With the existence of this sea toll is reducing price disparity between western part of Indonesia and eastern Indonesia,” he continued.

For 2018, last year’s sea route trails have been adjusted to the needs of the field so that they can achieve maximum desired results.

“This year the Sea Tol operations will be changed using collector and feeder schemes or hub and spoke,” he explained quoted by as saying.

This pattern differs from what was done in the previous year, the Sea Tol operation pattern using a direct navigation scheme by placing the Sea Toll ship at the base port and directly sailing to the harbor in the outskirts, isolated and lagging areas.

In the meantime, the Internal Affairs of the Sea Transport, Capt. Wisnu Handoko said so far there are two private shipping routes that will get container subsidies for the early stages of Surabaya-Biak and the Surabaya-Tobelo route.

Wisnu said the frequency of delivering essential goods such as food and building materials to Eastern Indonesia (Eastern Indonesia) may be more frequent because the current shipping route already exists.

“With subsidized freight charges, the prices of basic goods in Eastern Indonesia can be reduced so as to reduce price disparity,” he said. (ac)

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