Merger of SOEs logistics subsidiaries will result in asset sinergy

M Cash & Pos Indonesia hadirkan multi biller
M Cash & Pos Indonesia hadirkan multi biller

The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) plans to streamline the BUMN subsidiaries moving into the logistics sector into one entity. Then how are the responses and readiness of the ‘red plate’ logistics company related to the plan?

JAKARTA (infolg): Denny Fikri, President of Angkasa Pura Kargo, said the ministry’s SOE plan was good. According to him, BUMN’s logistics synergy was necessary because it did the same thing.

“There are some of these logistics companies that I think need to be integrated. We welcome the plan, Angkasa Pura Kargo is ready for the transportation of air transportation,” said Denny at, Thursday (28/12) as quoted by as saying.

Denny explained, the positive impact of the integration is that there will be strengthening of the network or networking and infrastructure.

Currently, companies that work on logistics business in an area have their own warehouses and if it is integrated and can be used by all the companies that become members, the business growth will be more maximized.

“So the first thing to note is the synergy of the assets first,” added Denny.

With one holding, he continued, each red plate logistics company will contribute to each other with its strength to tap into better growth. For example firms that have warehouses are integrated with a company that has a vehicle then it will be able to produce better growth.

However, Denny looks at combining several companies that already have their own work culture-still not easy. Adaptation of work culture between one company and another is what he sees is the challenge of synergy.

Therefore, according to Denny, a good socialization is required. He saw it took at least two years for Human Resources in each company to adapt to a new synergy.

While PT Pos Indonesia is still reluctant to comment on the proposed merger of the logistics SOEs.

“It’s still too early to talk,” said Gilarsi Wahju Setijono, President Director of Pos Indonesia.

Earlier, the State Minister of Agriculture Rini Soemarno said the merger of the BUMN subsidiary companies moving in the logistics sector was in line with President Jokowi’s directive.

“Seeing what President Joko Widodo always stressed, this BUMN has a lot of children, many of these grandchildren who have similar activities,” he said.

A number of BUMNs whose subsidiaries are engaged in logistics sector include PT Angkasa Pura I (Persero), PT Angkasa Pura II (Persero), Perum Logistic Affairs Agency (BULOG), and PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero). In addition, there are also PT Pos Indonesia which are indeed SOEs in the logistics sector.

Rini said, the movements in the logistics sector were competing with each other in the field. In fact, it is a company held by the government to drive the country’s economy. (ac)

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