Malahayati Port added freight schedule to pave a way for SPIL

Malahayati Port added freight schedule to pave a way for SPIL
Malahayati Port added freight schedule to pave a way for SPIL

PT Pelabuhan Indonesia I (Persero) added to the domestic container transportation schedule at Malahayati Port as a form of service improvement in the port sector.

BANDA ACEH (infolog): Public Relations of Pelindo I Fiona Sari Utami in Medan said on Monday that the SOE consistently continued to support the sea toll program which focuses on the development of national maritime network by increasing the capacity of efficient and competitive logistics services.

As an expansion of service capacity, Pelindo I through the Malahayati Port Branch cooperated with Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines (SPIL) shipping company since early July 2018.

The first phase of the cooperation was marked by the arrival of KM Pratiwi One vessel with a size of 3,065 GT carrying a load of 15 Teus at the Domestic Container Terminal of Malahayati Krueng Raya Port, Aceh Besar on July 21, 2018.

Later, the SPIL fleet will have a loading and unloading schedule three times a month with shipping routes from Jakarta carrying commodities in the form of basic needs.

According to GM of Malahayati Port Sam Arifin Wiwi, the cooperation adds to the number of activities and the loading and unloading service schedule at Malahayati Port.

Previously, Malahayati Port has been cooperating with the Gold Lines shipping company to serve domestic container transport from and to Malahayati Port.

At present, Tempuran Emas has been loading and unloading twice per month with shipping routes from Tanjung Priok-Belawan-Malahayati.

Through cooperation with the SPIL shipping company, it is optimistic that the logistics flow from and to Malahayati Port will continue to increase and will bring a big multiplier effect for the economy in Aceh Province, especially Aceh Besar and Banda Aceh.

“This is also one of our efforts in supporting government programs to develop regional economies,” he said as quoted by as saying.

He explained that Malahayati Harbor has a depth of 9.5 meters with a 384 meter dock that can accommodate three ships of 100 meters of 300 TEUS containers at once.

The port is also supported by loading and unloading equipment in the form of one HMC unit, one “Reachstaker” unit, four forklift units, six units of container transport trucks, plus a container container shipping field as well as supportive road transport.

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