Liquor BLC set up in 3 cities for easier control

Liquor BLC set up in 3 cities for easier supervision
Liquor BLC set up in 3 cities for easier supervision

Director General of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance, Heru Pambudi, said that Indonesia will have a bonded logistics center (BLC) for liquor (alcohol) as a form of PLB development of finished goods.

JAKARTA (alfijak): “For this initial we set the liquor, after which we can accommodate any finished goods as long as it has received recommendation from the related ministry,” Heru said in a press conference in Jakarta on Monday (2/4/2018).

Heru said, the purpose of SPB special formation of alcohol, to move the logistics center in the form of alcohol which has been in Singapore. The plan, bonded logistics centers for liquor will be set up in Jakarta, Surabaya, Bali, and Belawan.

Related supervision of these products, carried out collectively from a number of relevant ministries and agencies.

“The advantage of BLC is centralization, so it can be supervised together,” said Heru who was born in Bondowoso, East Java, as quoted by as saying.

BLC is a place to stock goods originating outside customs areas, and or goods originating from elsewhere in customs areas, can be accompanied by one, or more simple activities, within a certain timeframe to be reissued.

Ministry of Finance to develop BLC, which has been used only for logistics of raw materials and capital goods, into eight types to anticipate changes in business and industry in the world.

Already 8 BLCs developed are Small and Medium Enterprise BLC (IKM), E-commerce BLC, BLC of finished goods, BLC of staple goods, BLC “floating storage”, BLC air cargo hub, BLC commodities exchanges, and big industrial BLC .

The development of BLC is based on the results of the study in which BLC  needs to be prepared to anticipate the trend of electronic commerce and digital economy.

The government’s expectation of the development of BLC is the improvement of the ease of doing business score in Indonesia especially from the logistics performance index. (ac)

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