Klari transhipment JKT-SBY not works well, ready to connect to Patimban port

House urges govt to speed up rail project to Tanjung Emas
House urges govt to speed up rail project to Tanjung Emas

The newly operated Klari Goods Terminal Station, Karawang, West Java one month ago has not been serving normal delivery.

JAKARTA (infolog): President Director of PT Kereta Api Logistik Junaidi Nasution said that the Rp100 billion construction site was only able to provide two-day freight trains.

“While the locomotive is still used for passenger transport,” he told Bisnis.com, Monday (15/1/2018) as quoted as saying.

Even so enthusiastism about the business actors is very good. Delivery of the goods from Klari Station to Kalimas and Semarang was full, with the carrying capacity of 40 containers of 40 feet and 40 containers with a length of 20 times.

Junaidi added that it is currently working on the train that will go to Surabaya can stop in Klari for the station to work maximum.

Meanwhile, to support more haulage, the Indonesian Railway is seeking procurement of 19 locomotives in 2018 to allow Klari Station to optimize two cars per day.

The construction of this terminal is as a hub to support the carriage of goods from Surabaya to Jakarta or vice versa.

Karawang is deliberately chosen because its location is close to the industrial estate. With the selection of the location it is hoped that the owner of the goods will no longer transport his cargo to Tanjung Priok harbor by truck.

Freight traffic increased but target missed...
Freight traffic increased but target missed…

Junaidi recognizes the fees they charge not much differently if using a truck. However, these modes have advantages over the timeliness and security of the goods.

The Klari Goods Terminal Station has an area of ​​1.3 hectares with a capacity of 500 containers per day. This terminal is equipped with overcapping facility (loading and unloading warehouse) which is connected directly to the railway line. L

In addition, it does not rule out the route of the freight train from Klari also connected to Patimban Port, Subang West Java.

The reason is, the distance between Terminal Klari and Port of Patimban is only about 30 kilometers. (ac)

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