Kariangau launched pilot test of direct call to Shanghai

Kariangau launched pilot test of direct call to Shanghai
Kariangau launched pilot test of direct call to Shanghai

Kaltim Kariangau Terminal (KKT) conducted a pilot test of Balikpapan-Shanghai direct call, Monday (26/3/2018). Initial shipments for Kaltim-Kaltara superior commodities are transported by Laila ship which has an initial route from Jakarta-Semarang-Surabaya-Balikpapan and Shanghai with a 17-day travel time.

BALIKPAPAN (infolog): KKT director Muhammad Basyir said the first trial is evidence that KKT is ready to serve direct calls. Certainly with time efficiency and logistics costs. It is believed that direct calls will foster local and national economy.

“Taking care of international direct call is very difficult, one year, with this ship we hope it is socialized that the KKT can already direct call, Muara is to reduce logistics costs and faster to the destination,” he explained M Basyir on the sidelines of this trial, as quoted by Wartaekonomi.co.id as saying .

Bashir mentioned the Laila ship has 2,800 TEUs. And it hopes every week can fill the ship’s filling.

“This ship once a week if the other heads are still in. To enter such a vessel is not easy to change the international route. Therefore we must watch together, the domestic ships that support the load from the banjar, Berau, Tarakan, Samarinda,” he said.

In this trial the product from Kaltimra that brought the Plywood, CPO fan and fishery products. “There are dozens of containers transported from KKT, from Makassar to 300-400 containers,” he said.

Jemie Liu, Managing Director of SITC Indonesia, said the direct call in Balikpapan is a strategic business because of the high competition of overseas shipping transport.

“We pick up the ball for the area that opens direct call.” The plot we collect back in Jakarta immediately now stops in other areas, “he said. on the sidelines of the initial shipment trial at the port of KKT km 13.

The trial of Balikpapan-Shanghai direct call shipment in KKT was watched over by Riman S Duyo Director of Operations and Commercial PT Pelindo IV, KKT Director Muhammad Basyir, Representative of Dprd (the House) of Balikpapan, Pelindo Balikpapan, Kabid Trade of East Kalimantan, INSA Balikpapan, ILFA members and other elements. (ac)

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