Kalog Express opens inter-island route to Bali

Kalog Express opens inter-island route to Bali
Kalog Express opens inter-island route to Bali

PT Kereta Api Indonesia (Persero) or PT KAI is already operating services outside Java Island, one of them in Bali, namely Denpasar, Gilimanuk, Negara and Badung as service points to connect customers with Kalog Express service.

JAKARTA (infolog): Director of Operations and Marketing of Kalog, Sugeng Priyono revealed that Kalog Express previously focused on services in Java Island with the backbone of railway mode.

“Following the high demand and seeing the opening of opportunities to boost the goods distribution business, especially the courier and cargo, Kalog takes strategic steps to serve outside Java Island which starts with Sumatra and now extends to Bali,” said Sugeng in his official statement here Thursday (26/4/2018) quoted as saying by Liputa6.com.

Kalog Express is also repositioning by applying an expanded multimodal distribution pattern that is not only limited to using rail mode, thus providing greater ease in servicing cross-island shipping needs.

Sugeng added, the company is optimistic that Kalog Express service can be accepted and able to be an alternative choice to meet the needs of goods delivery both from and to Bali.

Kalog Express offers services by promoting a good level of service at an affordable price and ensuring delivery from and to Bali will be received at H + 2, a relatively quick time for inter island shipping.

Furthermore, Kalog Express service in Bali is also a place for BUMN synergy which is realized through cooperation with PT Pos Indonesia.

With such synergies, offering the capacity and capability of its services to meet the needs of delivery of goods belonging to PT Pos Indonesia both from and to Bali. (ac)

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