J&T to open branches in Philippines & Thailand

J&T to build high capacity automatic sorting centers
J&T to build high capacity automatic sorting centers

Shipping service company J & T Express seems to be focusing on expanding its business in neighboring countries. After opening branches in Malaysia and Vietnam in July, the business expansion plan will continue to the Philippines and Thailand.

JAKARTA (infolog): “It is expected that this year we can also expand to other Southeast Asian countries such as the Philippines and Thailand,” said Iwan Senjaya, Key Account Manager of J & T Express to recently.

According to him this strategy was deliberately done to expand the e-commerce market in Indonesia. So they not only market their products in Indonesia but also to Southeast Asia. Moreover, e-commerce in the country is also in the spotlight because of its significant growth.

“Indonesia’s logistics industry has the potential to grow 7.1% every year until 2022,” as quoted by Kontan.com as saying.

The rise of the e-commerce sector recently made shipping services company J & T Express quite optimistic about its achievements this year.

Unexpectedly, throughout 2018 the company’s revenue will grow threefold from the previous year.

“This cannot be separated from the growing sense of consumer confidence in e-commerce and logistics,” said Iwan.

According to him, now 70% of 1,000 Indonesians have switched from offline shopping to online shopping. Shipping from J & T Express itself is also dominated by e-commerce package delivery. The comparison of e-commerce packages reaches 60% and non e-commerce 40%.

For the sake of pursuing these targets, Iwan admitted that the company is also constantly trying to improve and add operational infrastructure such as fleets, branches, gateways and others.

The closest one is currently being prepared for automatic sorting machines. It is expected that by the end of the year the installation process will be completed.

“Then for the development of cargo is being prepared and plans this year will also be implemented,” he added.

Even though it is shining, the logistics services business is not free from problems.

Iwan said that infrastructure problems that do not yet feel are often obstacles in the delivery process. To minimize the obstacles, nowadays more companies are using air transportation routes.

In 2018 J & T Express is targeting shipping rates to reach 1.5 million packages per day. Until the end of semester I / 2018, it was claimed that the achievement had increased significantly from before.

During peak season ahead of Eid, the number of shipments has reached 1 million per day. (ac)

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