Joint progrram of JNE & Traveloka before world cup

Joint progrram of JNE & Traveloka before world cup
Joint progrram of JNE & Traveloka before world cup
After collaborating with some of Indonesia’s leading e-commerce and marketplaces, this time for the first time JNE will partner with online travel booking platform and lifestyle in Southeast Asia, Traveloka.

JAKARTA (infolog); With its current capacity, JNE is ready to hold various exciting programs with Traveloka. The initiation of this cooperation was inaugurated through the ceremony of signing the MoU conducted at JNE Head Office on June 4, 2018.

The signing was done by Eri Palgunadi, VP of Marketing of JNE and Kurnia Rosyada, as VP of Marketing Traveloka.

As an initial step of cooperation, JNE with Traveloka will also enliven the 2018 FIFA World Cup which will come through the promo ‘Pesta Point Traveloka’.

In this program, Traveloka users can easily get exclusive merchandise FIFA World Cup 2018, by way of redeeming Traveloka Points. Various Merchandise will be shipped by JNE, who has been officially designated as a Traveloka logistics partner for the delivery of 2018 World Cup merchandise.

“Cooperation with Traveloka become one of JNE strategic steps to realize the spirit of Connecting Happiness. Programs that will bring happiness and benefit to both corporate customers and society in general, will be accomplished. This becomes one of JNE’s innovations in improving the quality of service, “said VP of Marketing JNE Eri Palgunadi through official information in Jakarta, Tuesday (5/6/2018) quoted by as saying.

Joint progrram of JNE & Traveloka before world cup
Joint progrram of JNE & Traveloka before world cup

While Kurnia Rosyada as VP of Marketing Traveloka, conveyed, will always focus to be able to provide the best products and services for users and with the cooperation between Traveloka and JNE, expected various programs that can provide added value for loyal users Traveloka more and more varied. So users can enjoy the moment of togetherness becomes more fun.

But this cooperation does not stop at one program only, in the future will be more that will be collaborated by both parties. Programs with abundant benefits will be held for Traveloka users who join JLC members, such as bonus points directly when registering, and others. So also for JLC members, the points – points that can be exchanged with e-voucher Traveloka.

JNE is ready to meet the needs of delivery of various types, sizes, as well as the number of packages when traveling.

When a traveler in the middle of a journey wants to send a package with a minimum weight of 10 kg, JNE provides convenience by providing JTR (JNE Trucking).

In addition, JNE also provides Enchantment so that the traveler can order a variety of typical food products that are often used as souvenirs so as not to bother carrying a lot of souvenirs on the way home. (ac)

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