JD to add 10 new warehouses nationwide including Papua

JD to add 10 new warehouses nationwide including in Papua
JD to add 10 new warehouses nationwide including in Papua

JD.ID show-down in the Indonesian market is still fairly young. The e-Commerce player affiliated with the company from JD.Com is only a new age second in this year.

JAKARTA (infolog): Although fairly new, JD.ID claimed to be ready to work on the Indonesian market seriously. This is shown by improving its services to meet consumer needs in Indonesia.

Head of Corporate Communications and Public Affairs JD.ID, Teddy Arifianto, said JD.ID is now focusing on increasing its service coverage throughout Indonesia. One of them is done by increasing the number of warehouse.

According to Teddy, from 5 warehouses that exist today, JD.ID plans to add at least 8 to 10 warehouses again until the end of the year. The location will be spread throughout the region, including Papua.

“We have plans to build a warehouse in Papua, because the demand is there, with the presence of warehouse, it will reduce logistics costs and speed up the delivery process,” he said when meeting with media crew in Jakarta on Thursday (8/3/2018) quoted by Liputan6.com as saying.

However, he is still not sure when the warehouse will be built. For now, eastern Indonesia itself is still served by JD.ID warehouses located in Makassar and Surabaya. (ac)

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