It takes a while to call direct from Borneo

Airin sets Autogate System at landfill facilities
Airin sets Autogate System at landfill facilities
Enthusiasm of businessmen welcoming direct calls may be very high. However, the effort to truly integrate logistics activities from other ports to TPK Kariangau does not seem to be possible, at least in a short while.

BALIKPAPAN (infolog): This was conveyed by Head of Industry, Trade, Cooperatives and UMMM (Disperindagkop) Kaltim, Fuad Asaddin. He said the previous provincial government has been lobbying to direct all trading activities to Balikpapan.

“Employers want, but it takes time. Many companies are already under contract to keep sending via Surabaya, “Fuad said when met at his office on Friday (2/3) as quoted by as saying.

If trade agreements with other ships or ports have been completed, he believes, all local companies will prefer shipping in their own region.

However, he reminded that business actors keep trying to go downstream. The reason, now not all commodities can be exported in raw form. Primarily, related to low-calorie mineral fuels.

“Currently, the commodity that has been exported from East Kalimantan, mostly raw materials. It is not impossible, it could be more constraints later, “he concluded.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the East Kalimantan Logistics and Forwarders Association (ILFA), Faisal Tola expressed support for the realization of direct calls.

In fact, to help land line connectivity, it has coordinated with the Association of Indonesian Truck Entrepreneurs (Aptrindo) to provide competitive rates.

Faisal claims, there are already 1,200 land transportation fleets that are ready to accommodate commodity transport from areas in East Kalimantan, to Balikpapan. Especially for difficult areas reachable affordable vessel feeder.

“Despite the export commodity delivery through Karingau, our superior commodities are far from the port. Automatic need land transportation to bring it, “he explained.

Direct calls, he said, also need assurance of commodity supply continuity, as well as an uptake market for imported commodities. “So in order to balance, we also investment and economic activity in the regions,” said Faisal.

Meanwhile, Chairman of Balikpapan Chamber of Commerce Yaser Arafat has confirmed his support for direct call through the signing of memorandum of understanding (MoU) with PT KKT, last February.

“We will collect businessmen in East Kalimantan to map potential export. Downstream products are our priority. Our initial target to China, “he said.

Kadin, continued Yaser, will bridge the local SMEs, which so far may have difficulty accessing international markets. Kadin, he said, will seek connections with buyers in the destination country.

“Anyway, SMEs live production, we are in the market access. The price will also be higher if exported, “he explained.

Separately, Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Kaltim Slamet Brotosiswoyo said, export-import directly through Balikpapan should be more efficient than other areas on the island of Java, especially if heading to the country in the north of Indonesia, like the Philippines and countries in the East Asia region.

“Now we must exploit this by exploring export potential. For local entrepreneurs, this becomes their big door to reap new market share abroad, “he explained. (ac)

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