IPC established 6 digital CRM application features for ports

IPC established 6 digital CRM application features for ports
IPC established 6 digital CRM application features for ports

IPC Commercial and Business Development Director Saptono R Irianto said the company had activated six Customer Relationship Management (CRM) digital application features in all branch offices and two IPC subsidiaries, namely PT Tanjung Priok Port and PT IPC Container Terminal, yesterday (Tuesday ( 31/7/2018).

JAKARTA (infolog): The six Digital CRM application features that are part of the strategy and management process of this customer interaction are officially activated (go live).

“The six features are Master Customer Data, Customer Profiling, Customer Service, Customer Visit Management, Customer Survey, and Sales,” Saptono explained in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/31/2018) as quoted by Wartaekonomi.co.id as saying.

Saptono explained, IPC customer interaction management system is continuously improved in order to meet customer expectations.

IPC has a Customer Centric value that must be proven in real terms in improving customer management in the IPC region.

“CRM updates and enhancements are now entering the third phase, where all branch offices and two IPC subsidiaries apply the six digital application features. In the first and second phases, the six digital application features are used only at Tanjung Priok Port, “he continued.

With this digital application, customers or potential customers have special access to submit questions, requests, or complaints via email to be responded automatically (auto reply). In accordance with the standard of Service Level Agreement (SLA), the suggestion or complaint will be responded by IPC within one hour.

“CRM provides great benefits for customers. One of them, IPC has tools to monitor and analyze all customer needs and desires. With customer service features for example, management can get an overview of customer interactions in all branches and monitor the resolution of problems in real time,” concluded Saptono.

The implementation of CRM is also a concrete step towards IPC’s commitment to continuously improve capabilities as a Digital Port. (ac)

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