Inland waterways as alternative mode for logistics transport

CBL Inland Waterway expected to reduce logistics cost to 25%
CBL Inland Waterway expected to reduce logistics cost to 25%

More than 90 percent of logistic transport in Indonesia is still using a highway-based mode resulting in high traffic congestion levels, and frequent delivery uncertainties that impact on increased logistics costs. For this Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) initiated another mode as an alternative mode of transportation logistics.

JAKARTA (infolog): “We are exploring the potential of Inland Waterways as an alternative to new logistics modes, which have been using highways, causing congestion due to sharing with other road users and ultimately leading to high logistics costs,” said R Agus H Purnomo, Director General of Sea Transportation in Jakarta, Tuesday (17/7) as quoted by as saying.

He added that his side has invited stakeholders to discuss more deeply about one alternative of other potential transportation modes as logistic transportation.

One of them is river-based or inland waterways mode. This mode of transportation is considered to have advantages, which is more environmentally friendly than road-based transport.

“One of the potential alternatives of river-based mode of transportation, is the plan for Cikarang Bekasi Laut (CBL) Inland Waterways Development which is included in the National Strategic Project. The objective is to optimize the potential of river channel as an alternative of logistics transportation, this optimization is expected to connect Tanjung Priok Port with hinterland area, “he explained.

Meanwhile, Expert Staff of the Minister of Transportation for Logistic and Multimodal Affairs, Cris Kuntadi said the CBL project has been included in the national strategic project (PSN). The project is expected to begin construction in 2018.

However, he acknowledges, with the complexity of the stakeholders involved, there are many obstacles to be faced, one of which concerns licensing and compliance with existing regulations.

“In addition, there are other technical constraints that must be taken into account, namely the feasibility level of the project and the physical constraints in the CBL itself related to the width, depth, water level, and infrastructure installation along the CBL, both pipelines and bridges,” he said.

Cris added that the level of eligibility and benefits derived from the project needs to be studied in detail. In terms of business, the development of Patimban port and toll road development is also an issue that affects the urgency of CBL inland waterways development. (ac)

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