ILFA seeks ease of rejuvenation due to B20 biodiesel

ILFA seeks ease of rejuvenation due to B20 biodiesel
ILFA seeks ease of rejuvenation due to B20 biodiesel

Chairman of the Indonesian Logistics and Forwarder Association (ILFA) Yukki Nugrahawan Hanafi said that he had held a meeting with the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) regarding the application of the B20 biodiesel. After the meeting, Yukki expected support from the government for ease of truck rejuvenation if the use of B20 was applied.

JAKARTA (infolog):”We need to be fought for even though the Ministry of Transportation is not the domain for easy rejuvenation of units (trucks). If so far with a DP of 30 percent, he said the Financial Services Authority (OJK) said he might decide to be zero percent. Yukki told, Wednesday (5/9).

In addition, he also proposed import duties on spare parts for trucks to be alleviated, such as in ASEAN countries in general. This is expected to be given because according to Yukki, trucks and ships are also part of the infrastructure in distributing goods so that there is a sea highway.

On the other hand, Yukki also requested a guarantee of B20 biodiesel supply from Pertamina.

“The Ministry of Transportation has promised to correspond with the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources (ESDM) because there are queues in several locations such as Bangka, Bengkulu and Kalimantan which are empty. In Sumatra there are even cases of queuing (buying B20 biodiesel) for 18 hours,” Yukki said.

For this reason, he expects that there will be a guarantee of supply after the implementation of B20 has been expanded since 1 September 2018. In addition, he also expects a guarantee for the quality of the B20 diesel which must be guaranteed so that it is not below standard.

“The quality is sometimes we don’t understand it, besides the supply is also a quality guarantee. We will randomly check whether the quality is appropriate later,” Yukki said.

Currently, the Ministry of Transportation (Kemenhub) ensures the ability to implement biodiesel B20 in the transportation sector. Director General of Land Transportation of the Ministry of Transportation Budi Setiyadi said that at this time his party had held a meeting with related parties yesterday (4/9).

Budi confirmed that the Ministry of Transportation had asked various associations engaged in logistics transportation to implement the use of B20.

“The only thing that uses solar is to use this (B20) because the government encourages the use of biodiesel to increase the country’s foreign exchange,” Budi said to, Wednesday (8/9).

The Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs has implemented a mandatory expansion of the B20 biodiesel use since September 1, 2018. The government also asked for a sign to the oil fuel provider as a guarantee of the supply and distribution of B20 biodiesel. (

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