ILFA: RI berth services tarrif is the highest in Southeast Asia

ILFA: RI berth services tarrif in the highest in Southeast Asia
ILFA: RI berth services tarrif in the highest in Southeast Asia

The Indonesian Logistics and Forwarding Association (ILFA) of Southwest Sulawesi (Sulselbar) is encouraging economic growth by increasing the cost efficiency of the labels that are heavily burdened by  high cost.

“The berth services tariff in Indonesia is the most expensive in Southeast Asia, so through this working meeting we expect the cost efficiency to be the concern of the stakeholders,” said Chairman of ILFA Sulselbar, Syaifuddin Ipho in Makassar on Tuesday (13/2/2018) as quoted by as saying.

He said tariff of berth services  has become major concern for businessmen and let alone Minister of Transportation Budi also supports the plan of cutting the tariff as well as some types of components of non-tax state revenue (PNBP).

Ipho explained the working meeting by presenting the regional board throughout Indonesia is also discussed about the acceleration of logistics and efficient trade connectivity in eastern Indonesia to encourage national economic growth.

“With the emphasis on human resource competence and logistic service innovation as the driving force of a strong national logistics company, the expectation will arise the results of recommendations,” he said as quoted by Antara.

Furthermore, Ipho added, in the meeting there will also be a delivery from each region about what is the problem in terms of logistics delivery to attain solution.

At the same place, the head of South Sulawesi’s trade office Hadi Basalamah said that logistics has become a major contribution to Indonesia’s GDP and is today a good meeting to discuss logistics especially in eastern Indonesia.

“So how to close and streamline the logistics costs between us in the eastern part with Indonesia is the hope of Sulsel (South Sulawesi) that we propose to be discussed in this meeting,” said Hadi. (ac)

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