House urges govt to speed up rail project to Tanjung Emas

House urges govt to speed up rail project to Tanjung Emas
House urges govt to speed up rail project to Tanjung Emas

The House of Representatives or DPR encouraged the acceleration of the port rail project connecting Tawang Station to Tanjung Emas Port in Semarang.

SEMARANG (infolog); “This port of rail is very supportive of logistics trains,” said a member of Commission VI of the House, Bambang Haryo Soekartono while observing Tawang Station, Semarang City, Friday (26/1/20180) as quoted by as saying.

According to him, Central Java is now a favorite place for entrepreneurs and industry to invest for its low regional minimum wages (UMR).

He explained that many entrepreneurs have moved their industries to Central Java, such as Solo and so on because of the increasingly expensive UMR in some areas, such as DKI Jakarta and East Java.

“Of course, this should be anticipated quickly with the strengthening of logistics transportation in Central Java, including the important rail line connecting Tanjung Emas Harbor Semarang,” he said.

With the presence of a railway line, the Indonesian Movement Party (Gerindra) politician said economic accessibility was linked from Tanjung Emas Port Semarang to all industrial estates in Central Java.

“Those who are interested now, Solo and Jogja. There is a dry port at Jebres Solo Station which should be used for container terminals, but must be emptied first, “he said.

Legislators covering state-owned enterprises, cooperatives, investments, trade and industry said the dry port at Jebres Solo Station is still used to pile up the power lines for the Solo-Jogja-Purworejo railway electrification.

“However, since 2016 it has not been installed yet. We will urge the Ministry of Transportation to immediately install these pipes so that dry ports can be used for container buildup, “he said.

For Semarang railway construction, Bambang admitted there was still an obstacle, ie land acquisition in Kebonharjo area because there was overlap of certificates owned by citizens with PT Kereta Api Indonesia.

It should, he said, not overlap such certificates, but anyway, the central government should promptly encourage the completion of the port railway settlement.

“In Kendal Regency will also be built a large port to increase capacity at Tanjung Emas Harbor Semarang. Yes, then logistics costs will be cheap, “he said.

Meanwhile, Head of PT KAI Daops IV Semarang Wiwik Widayanti mentioned every day there are about 30 KA goods passing, both from east and west.

“It includes luggage that departs from Semarang, while this is just three KA luggage. Yes, we have also set up a place for container buildup waiting for reactivation of the port rail, “he said. (ac)

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