Freight trains to Tanjung Emas port reactivated

KAI prepares Rp2 trillion for fleet rejuvenation & purchase of 438 new trains
KAI prepares Rp2 trillion for fleet rejuvenation & purchase of 438 new trains

Yogyakarta freight trains to Tanjung Emas Port Semarang were reactivated by PT Kerata Api Indonesia (KAI) early next year. The target is, 30 cars depart five times a day.

YOGYAKARTA (infolog); According to Deputy Vice President of PT KAI Daop 4 Semarang Totok Suprianto, the opening of this line is also to fix the path that has been connecting the Tawang Station with the port of Tanjung Emas, Semarang.

“This is in accordance with the President’s intention to accelerate economic development in Central Java and Yogyakarta. We see the best acceleration solution is the reactivation of the path that used to die,”said Totok on the sidelines of “Socialization of Container Train Reactivation at the Department of Industry, Trade and SMEs” in Yogyakarta, Thursday (16/11) quoted by as saying.

With the opening of this lane, delivery of goods to the port will be faster and cheaper. For DI Yogyakarta, the transportation station will open in Rewulu, Bantul, and proceed to Jebres, Solo and to Tanjung Emas Port Semarang.

“We have repaired the Tawang-Tanjung Emas line that has been over 20 years damaged due to submerged rob. The new system by placing bamboo as the foundation of the rails will reduce the impact of rob damage, “explains Totok.

With this new path, Totok believes the target of 30 carriages with five departures will be fulfilled given the high economic growth in DI Yogyakarta within a year which increased from 4.95 percent to 5.41 percent.

Pelindo III Operations Manager Tanjung Emas Container Port Terminal Hermani Gunawan said the route was prepared since late 2016 and completed last October.

“Currently with a capacity to transport 800,000 containers per year, today we can only meet 650,000 per year. So the opening of this path will meet the shortcomings, “he explained.

In addition, the opening of this line according to Pelindo III’s target of container delivery capacity reaches 1 million in the next five years.

For DI Yogyakarta, Hermani saw the opportunity is still quite large. For this reason, only 40% of DI Yogyakarta exports through Tanjung Emas and the rest through Tanjung Perak (Surabaya) and Tanjung Priok, Jakarta. (ac)

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