Foreign enterprises seek logistic fortune in Indonesia

Foreign enterprises seek logistic fortune in Indonesia
Foreign enterprises seek logistic fortune in Indonesia

Ministry of Communications and Informatics Ahmad Ramli assessed that the local market of logistics industry in Indonesia is very large in terms of demographic and geographical aspects.

JAKARTA (infolog): Ahmad Ramli said Indoneaia has 17,500 scattered and dispersed islands and a population of 262 million with an active internet user of 143 million people who are an important part of the online transaction market and logistics industry.

“Just playing in the local market is also not a problem, in case there is a company whose market is only domestic, the company has mastered 40 percent of ASEAN marketshare,” said Ahmad Ramli in Jakarta, Monday (14/05/2018) quoted by as saying.

He considered that the technology could produce the ease of doing business micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), although in the blood difficult to reach.

The existence of technological developments and online stores make demographic problems not a problem, companies become more efficient without having to build a store and only provide warehouses only.

Even so, according to Ahmad Ramli, Indonesia must be ready with its service so as not to become a mere consumer in e-commerce competition.

“The solution for the e-commerce logistics industry from the aspect of regulation, service quality, and consumer protection to create an optimization of the e-commerce logistics industry must be sought,” he said.

Related to the big logistics industry opportunity in Indonesia, Chairman of Indonesian Logistics and Forwarder Association (ILFA) Yukki Nugrahawan considers collaboration is important than competition.

Moreover, seeing the growth of export figures are smaller than imports, according to Yukki, could cause other big countries in the search for markets in Indonesia.

“We must collaborate together, because it is feared that there are big countries that offer platform and succeed,” he said. (ac)

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