Dwelling time must be improved in a month

Dwelling time must be improved in a month
Dwelling time must be improved in a month

Transportation Minister Budi Karya Sumadi expressed hope that the dwelling time service could be improved within a month.

JAKARTA (infolog): “We will restore the various policies that have been done by ministries and agencies,” Budi told the press at Tanjung Priok port in Jakarta on Thursday, April 5.

After listening to the exposure from a number of ministries and agencies, the minister noted that he would provide input for improvements. Budi remarked that he will also meet the leaders of ministries and agencies to request for improvement in dwelling time service so that it can run well on target.

“I want the dwelling time to be three days only. This can be done by making various changes and improvements,” the minister explained.

He revealed that the dwelling time implementation must meet four criteria, namely, it must be easy, cheap, fast, and transparent, so that entrepreneurs can run their business properly, effectively, and efficiently.

A number of issues that are yet to be resolved by ministries and institutions include the lack of and less competence of human resources. “In addition, room for clearing documents is less spacious and should be expanded. Online networks that are less consistent should also be made consistent”, he elaborated.

Dwelling Time is the length of time when imported goods containers are being kept in the Temporary Accommodation Place (TPS) at the port, from the time they are unloaded from ship till the time they are taken out of the TPS.

Based on data from the Ministry of Transportation, the Port of Tanjung Priok currently has a dwelling time of 3.33 days, Belawan Port has a dwelling time of 3.46 days, and Tanjung Emas Port/Tanjung Perak has a dwelling time of 3.73 days.

The three-day dwelling time rule is an attempt by the Ministry of Transport to reduce the cost of logistics, which too expensive. The decline in logistics costs is expected to increase exports. (tempo.co/ac)

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