Delivery services gained a fortune during Ramadan

J&T to build high capacity automatic sorting centers
J&T to build high capacity automatic sorting centers

Logistics services company got a blessing during the month of Ramadan as demand for goods delivery services soared. The momentum of fasting month and Idul Fitri is high season for goods delivery service provider. Call it PT Global Jet Express (J & T Express) which experienced a surge in the delivery of goods amounting to about 100%.

JAKARTA (infolog): Chief Executive Officer of J & T Express Robin Lo explained, the increase in the number of shipping because many people who do online shopping for the needs of Lebaran.

“So of course delivery service affected,” he said when contacted, Thursday (21/6).

J & T Express does have a partnership relationship with a number of online marketplace. Among others are,, Bukalapak,, Tokopedia, Shopee, and Hijabenka.

Meanwhile, the average shipment in J & T Express during Ramadan to Idul Fitri reaches 700,000 to 1 million packages per day. Robin claims, the figure was shot 100% compared to ordinary days. Only when entering the season of homecoming, packet delivery slowly decreases near normal day conditions.

Until the day of Lebaran, J & T Express also seriously take advantage of the momentum. Because until the day of Lebaran, J & T Express shipping service business also continues to operate.

Not only that, J & T Express also use the month of fasting to increase brand awareness through various activities.

One of them is the distribution of Imsak schedule throughout Indonesia. The company also organizes free trips for some users of J & T Express services.

Quarter three money with PT Tiki Line Nugraha Ekakurir (JNE) which also enjoy sweet fruit during Ramadan and Lebaran season this year. Recorded, the average increase in the number of goods in JNE reached 33%.

President Director JNE Mohammad Feriadi said the average delivery of goods in JNE is in the range of 800,000 items per day.

In the month of fasting and Lebaran this increased up to 1.2 million items per day. Shopping online is also now rife again, so the trigger factor too, he said.

According to Feriadi who is also Chairman of the Association of Express Delivery Service Company, Post and Logistics Indonesia (Asperindo), fasting month and Idul Fitri always be high season for goods delivery service providers. I’m sure other shipping operators feel, he explained. (ac)

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