Damon Group help realize JNE’s mega-hub in Tangerang

Damon Group help realize JNE's mega-hub in Tangerang
Damon Group help realize JNE's mega-hub in Tangerang

A provider of logistics and supply chain support equipment from China, Damon Group, is ready to realize JNE’s mega-hub development project in Tangerang, Banten.

JAKARTA (infolog): The signing of the cooperation has been done by JNE President Director Mohamad Feriadi and Founder & CEO of Damon Group Harry Zhou at JNE Headquarters, West Jakarta, Tuesday (31/7/2018).

Feriadi said the signing of the cooperation is a historic day for JNE as it is one of the company’s steps in realizing the mission of becoming the world’s leading global supply chain company.

“Today, historic day, we will start a new history for JNE who will build a mega hub that will be fully supported by Damon,” he said as quoted by Bisnis.com as saying.

Since early 2018, JNE has indeed planned the development of mega-hub infrastructure. The vendor’s search continues to be done with comparative studies and research that eventually fell to the Shanghai-based company China.

“JNE hopes this development will be a driving force to grow the nation’s economy in the future,” continued Feriadi.

According to Head of Marketing Communication Division of JNE Mayland Hendar Prasetyo, he chose Damon as a vendor because the company has good experience and reputation.

In addition, the company specializes in the provision of logistics and supply chain operational support equipment such as conveyor belt and sorting machine.

“They already have 30 points of sale all over the world.In the reputation of many e-commerce and logistics companies in China use this company,” he said.

The Zhou said it is ready to move quickly to realize the project worth Rp500 billion.

“We believe this project will run smoothly and finish on time, we have experienced,” he said.

This Mega Hub will have an advanced tech automation cross belt sorter machine that works fully automatic so it can cut sorting time up to 2-3 hours. Thus, the delivery of goods to consumers will be faster.

Built on an area of ​​3.9 hectares (ha), the project is expected to be completed by the end of 2019. The groundbreaking will be done later this year.

The development of this infrastructure is the company’s step to face the rapid growth of e-commerce. Based on Business records, the growth of e-commerce in Indonesia is expected to shoot up to 130% by 2020.

The value of e-commerce transactions in the country penetrate US $ 130 billion in 2017, up 5.7 times compared to the previous year which reached US $ 22.6 billion. (ac)

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