CMA CGM to operate a 10.000 TEUs vessel to Priok

CMA CGM reaffirms commitment to Indonesian economy
CMA CGM reaffirms commitment to Indonesian economy

The world’s third largest shipping company, CMA CGM, will bring a 10,000 TEU container vessel to Tanjung Priok Port at the end of April 2018 in line with the increasing demand from service users who are claimed to continue to grow.

JAKARTA (infolog): President Director of CMA CGM Indonesia Farid Belbouab said since April 2017 the company opened a direct shipping route from Jakarta to Los Angeles, USA.

The route called JAX Services enables faster delivery of containers, which is 23 days compared to an indirect route for 30 days.

“We started with 8,000 TEUs since last year and the result is very successful, gradually we bring larger vessels, 9,000 TEUs and 10,000 TEUs, even close to 11,000 TEUs,” he explained after ANL Meet Customer in Jakarta, Monday (9/4 / 2018) night. as quoted by as saying

ANL is one of 4 shipping companies under CMA CGM Group serving cargo shipments from Indonesia to Australia. The other three shipping companies are APL, and CNC and CMA CGM brand itself.

Farid said that the market share of CMA CGM in Indonesia reaches 15% with the volume of 15,000 TEUs per week.

According to him, jumbo container ships will make the shipping cost cheaper and JAX Services route so far very interested service users.

The arrival of 10,000 TEUs of ships will also be a new milestone as it will be the largest container ship docked in Tanjung Priok throughout history.

In addition to the JAX Services route, since July 2017 CMA CGM has opened a route to Northern Europe. The East Asian-North Europe (SEANE) route is called in demand by textile and footwear entrepreneurs as it reduces cost and delivery time.

The route at once connects Indonesia directly with the European market. So far, CMA CGM loads carry a wide variety of goods.

Farid said Indonesia is very strong in natural resource commodities.

In addition, footwear, textiles, furniture and seafood products also become Indonesia’s flagship commodities transported by the company’s vessels. (ac)

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