CKB Logistics stands up for the first bonded zone in Sorong

CKB Logistics stands up for the first bonded zone in Sorong

Officially the Directorate General of Customs and Excise of the Ministry of Finance inaugurated the operation of Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) in Kampung Arar, Mayamuk, Sorong district of West Papua (20/7) conducted by Customs officials and president director of CKB Logistics Iman Sjafei.

SORONG (infologistic); The opening of the first PLB in eastern Indonesia is a form of CKB Logistics commitment, to strengthen business fundamentals and support government efforts to meet logistics needs for Indonesian business players.

In his speech, President Director of PT Cipta Krida Bahari (CKB Logistics) Iman Sjafei said that the presence of PLB in Sorong indicates that business opportunities in Indonesia are increasingly widespread.

The business expansion by CKB Logistics is also in line with Government Volume II policy package issued in September 2015 on Facilities Incentives in PLB area. With the existence of the rule, the manufacturing company does not need to import and simply take the goods PLB.

“We hope the operation of PLB in Sorong can further encourage the creation of efficiency so that economic activities in this region can grow faster and this step is also in line with government efforts to accelerate infrastructure development in eastern Indonesia,” said Iman as quoted as saying by in Arar village (20/7).

Iman added, PLB has a very strategic position in the national logistics system.

The reason, for manufacturing companies that move their goods storage from abroad to PLB in Indonesia they can reduce logistics costs up to 60 percent.

“Increased investment in oil and natural gas and natural resources in Papua and West Papua can be an opportunity for logistics businesses. Therefore we are optimistic PLB development strategy this Sorong will further strengthen the position of CKB Logistics in the logistics business in Indonesia ” said Iman. (ac)

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