Blue Freight & Asia Grow shipped grinding mill from German to Semarang

Blue Freight & Asia Grow shipped grinding mill from German to Semarang
Blue Freight & Asia Grow shipped grinding mill from German to Semarang

Blue Freight Service, German freight forwarder, and their counterpart from Indonesia Pt. Asia Grow Logistics have shipped the main part of a Grinding Mill from Bremerhaven (Germany) to Semarang (Indonesia), with an excellent coordination since the quotation stage of this project as they had to evaluate various shipping options in order to identify a suitable solution for the customer.

JAKARTA (infolog); The grinder elements were packed in a crate that measured 320 cm long, 303 cm wide and 160 cm high, and that weighed 13,4 Tn.

Because of the crate’s extra width, Blue Freight Service had to obtain a governmental permission to get this cargo moved on German roads.

This kind of pre-carriage permission can take around 4-6 weeks, however by adjusting the travel plan via Bremerhaven instead of Antwerp, Blue Freight managed to get the approval within 2 weeks.

The Blue Freight team arranged the loading, stowage and lashing of the crate on to a 20’ Flat Rack, and transported the cargo 350 Km from Duisburg to Bremerhaven port, ready for its departure to Tanjung Mas Semarang port, from where Pt. Asia Grow Logistics organized the reception, customs clearance and final delivery to customer.

Once again, the exceptional width of the cargo required direct delivery license and a night-time road journey with Traffic Police escort for 150Km up to destination at Rembang Central Java.

“The main objective in this project was to meet customer’s tight schedule as this part of the grinding mill is critical for the operation of the whole machinery.

We, and our colleagues at Asia Grow, therefore had to help customer avoiding a line down scenario at destination”, indicated Stefan Koch, Ocean Export Manager at Blue Freight Service in charge of the operation. (

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