Batam to serve as e-commerce hub

Batam to serve as e-commerce hub
Batam to serve as e-commerce hub

BP Batam is designing to allow international ports and airports in the region to become electronic commerce logistics hubs (e-commerce). Batam is targeted to serve the e-commerce market that has a travel time of 4 hours air travel, both within and outside the country.

BATAM (infolog): “From Batam can market to Bangkok, Busan, Manila, Surabaya, Makasar and other places [travel time] 4 hours from Batam,” said Deputy of Planning BP Batam Yusmar Anggadinata, Monday (26/2/2018) as quoted by as saying.

Hang Nadim International Airport’s development plan and port became a new e-commerce logistics hub spelled out in Batam.

According to him, this plan can support the growth of small and medium enterprises in this industrial city, especially those oriented to e-commerce.

BP Batam will try to cooperate with a number of domestic and foreign e-commerce companies, such as Lazada, Amazon, and Bukalapak.

E-commerce can put stock of merchandise in Batam, then distributed to a number of customers when there is an order.

In addition to targeting e-commerce players, airports and ports in Batam will also be a logistics hub for domestic industrial goods.

Thus, the domestic industry no longer need to order raw materials to the country of origin, because it is already in Batam.

Angga believes this will help the domestic industry, including those in Batam.

To that end, BP Batam is designing a number of developments. The plan, BP Batam will hold private parties for infrastructure development and concession management of Hang Nadim International Airport.

“The plan, in March 2018 we will market sounding. We conduct market assessment, looking for enthusiasts to the effort of exploiting cooperation of development of Hang Nadim International Airport, “said Head of BP Batam, Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo.

So far, from 1,760 hectares (ha) of this international airport land, only about 40% is utilized. There are still many infrastructure needs to be equipped, including the construction of logistics terminals and passenger terminals.

He hopes next year there will be a signing of cooperation agreement with interested investor either in the construction of the required facilities and infrastructure or airport management concession.

“The construction of third parties, none of the funds center,” said Lukita. (ac)

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