Batam to develop Tanjungsauh to attract foreign ships

Batam to develop Tanjungsauh to attract foreign ships
Batam to develop Tanjungsauh to attract foreign ships

Head of Batam BP Lukita Dinarsyah Tuwo said it would support Tanjungsauh development. In addition to the port, the government also said it would plan the Special Economic Zone or KEK there with local government operators.

BATAM (infolog): “Tanjungsauh is the most important, because the condition is empty, not the protected forest and so on,” he said as quoted by as saying.

Although not in its territory, BP remains committed to participate in building Tanjungsauh.

Entrepreneurs also welcomed the plan for the development of Special Economic Zones (KEK) in Port of Tanjungsauh. However, to implement it, it is necessary to consider creating a conducive situation in Riau Islands.

“The development of Tanjungsauh Port is very good, but it must also be accompanied by efforts to create a conducive trading situation around Kepri waters,” said Batam Burhanudin, Chairman of the Batam Logistics and Forwarders Association (ILFA Batam), Wednesday (11/4).

According to him, the ships will come because they see the conducive situation there.

“The ship follows the trade. So foreign investors in the construction of the port should be able to attract foreign ships to Tanjungsauh, “he explained.

The government should also provide incentives to it.

“It should be accompanied by incentives for money spent to build it is not useless,” he explained. (ac)

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