Asperindo & Muhammadiyah launched Multi Express

Asperindo & Muhammadiyah launched Multi Express
Asperindo & Muhammadiyah launched Multi Express

The Association of Post and Logistics Express Delivery Service Company (Asperindo) in cooperation with Muhammadiyah Central Java builds a shipping service business by opening outlets with Multi Express, recently.

SEMARANG (infolog); Chairman of Muhammadiyah Central Java, Tafsir M.Ag said, one of the current focus on broad economic empowerment, one of them in cooperation with freight and logistics services company.

“Gerai Bersama is part of jihad persyarikatan in the economic field to make people prosperous. The joint booth will be owned by the Muhammadiyah Aisiyah Orphanage coordinated by the Central Java PWM Social Service Council, “he said as quoted by as saying.

The booth is also functioned as a means of training work for orphanage children toward independence. Thus, employment will be created for the orphanage children after they finish school.

“Today, the orphanage does not just rely on the help of the wider community. However, it must be an independent home. It also educates the orphanage to become a new merchant. In the past, Muhammadiyah’s birth was filled by merchants, this time should also be like that, “he said.

Chairman of DPP Asperindo, M. Feriadi said, the rapidly evolving technology is now changing the behavior of many people. This certainly provides an opportunity or opportunity for anyone to try or develop the business.

“We are grateful to Muhammadiyah Central Java, because it can develop a network with Multi Express stores,” he said.

The development of this cooperation is also considered to encourage the development of MSMEs. Given, the e-commerce industry is still growing. So that new outlets can get more customers, not limited to one region.

“It opens up new markets instead of getting rid of existing markets. In production, this can increase productivity, “he said. (ac)

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