Asian Bulk Logistics to bring in up to 18 barges

Asian Bulk Logistics to bring in up to 18 barges
Asian Bulk Logistics to bring in up to 18 barges

Indonesian integrated logistics and transportation solutions provider  Asian Bulk Logistics (ABL) aims to significantly boost its fleet of vessels for the local coal mining sector.

JAKARTA (infolog): “Currently, we have a client which is one of the largest coal producers in Indonesia where we tranship around 20m tons a year. We would need at least 20 vessels to support the barging operation, currently we only operate two vessels. Our plan is to charter and/or buy another 15-18 vessels,” said Ika Bethari, president director of ABL.

“Our plan is to enhance our integrated sea logistics service from port-to-port that provides a complete value chain to its customers. In the near future, we are also planning to have our first ocean-going vessel that can complete our barging and transhipment services.”

ABL is looking to expand and diversify its client portfolio, growing from two coal companies as clients and enhancing market potential by providing an integrated sea logistics service to coal producers, as well as traders, and end users.

It also hopes to leverage on favourable regulatory conditions such as the so-called KepMen 82 decree which declares that the shipment of coal and crude palm oil (CPO) shall be done using the vessels of an Indonesian national shipping company.

“We are not only looking at coal, but also other natural resources and commodities. Our country is one of the largest coal and crude palm oil exporters in Asia, with the new KepMen 82, it would definitely help ABL and other shipping companies in Indonesia to tap and grow into the regional as well as International market” she concluded. (

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