Asperindo seeks air freight at reasonable rate

Aperindo seeks air freight at reasonable rate
Aperindo seeks air freight at reasonable rate

The Association of Indonesian Post and Logistics Express Shipping Services Companies (Asperindo) requests air cargo tarrif or commonly called Air Freight (SMU) set at reasonable rate

General Chairman of Asperindo DPP, Mohamad Feriadi, said that up to now air cargo costs have not changed or are still high.

Keep in mind, the high cost of high school makes entrepreneurs express delivery services have difficulty suppressing prices, especially shipping between islands.

Moreover, most of the items sent outside the area use aircraft on average.

Feriadi also stated that the average cost of high school fees for courier entrepreneurs in Asperindo’s circle currently reaches 30% of the total shipping costs.

However, he admitted that this was not a burden.

“We do not call it a burden, but it would be nice if we could build new economic power at this time through the movements carried out for SMEs,” he said some time ago quoted by as saying.

With rates that are not too high, it will also affect the shipping costs that are fully borne by consumers.

“So all parties should help to make the cost appropriately, not to pursue big profits,” he said.

The SMU is basically a receipt in the form of documents as physical evidence of an agreement for air shipment between the cargo shipper and the carrier, with the authority of the cargo recipient’s right to take the cargo.

The document was obtained through an agent appointed by the airline to sell the high school. For domestic flights, some of them are Lion Air high school agents and Sriwijaya Air high school agents.

For overseas shipping can be through Malaysian Airlines or Singapore Airlines SMU agents. (ac)

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