Advertise with us

By your advertizing with our website, you automatically become a member of InfoLogistic ID and deserve certain priveleges including the Instant Access to open some protected contents.

We basically manage partnership with other parties in several ways:

1. Banner exchange program

This option is only available if your website is news portal with minimum 100 daily visitors. You give us your banner and we give you ours and both parties place the banners on their websites. For standard size of banner, look below this page.

2. Content backlink

Some of our news contents are made exclusive but some are let out open for public and therefore we require for those who copy the exclusive contents to provide back link to our website on its source code according to the journalistic code of conduct and prevailing laws & regulations.

In other words, you are free to copy our news article provided that a backlink is given.

3. Main sponsor (annual)

You can become our main sponsor by purchasing the top head banner where InfoLogistic ID entity is located. As consequence of losing our entity from the head of website, we charge you most expensive, US$1000 for one-year contract of advertizing.

4. Partnership

This is meant for strategic partnership made by InfoLogistic ID with others based upon mutual benefit. We do not do such this partnership a lot for it takes strong commitment and seriousness.

5. Side sponspor (monthly)

We provide economic ad space for enterprises with limited budjet. You can put your banner and url of target on this space, with banner size:

This is good for a short term targetted business with tight expenditure. One month of advertizing is considerably enough to read market response of your products, goods or services.

US$ 50 / month will do the side sponsor.

6. Advertorial

We have special category to accomodate this segment called “Accomplishment.” All your success story or product promotion is packed up in a story telling style to ensure readers enjoy to know all about you. Advertorial stands for advertizing editorial. It takes a smooth delivery to make visitors comfortable enough reading about you and your business.

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